Our Bakers

Broyt Baking Co.

Broyt Baking Co. began operation as a cottage provider of challah bread amidst the backdrop of COVID-19: offering top quality bread made from the best available ingredients in small batches. With people still hunkered down, and the holidays approaching, Mitch and Jody Furman realized there was a largely unsatisfied demand for handmade challah. The menu quickly expanded to include babkas and stuffed challahs.

Mitch had a vision of the challah/babka as a platform for recipe innovation. As our reputation grew so did our menu, with special limited offerings of creative twists on these classic breads: Red Velvet Babka, Parmesan Garlic Chive Challah, Caramel Apple Challah, Pretzel Challah, to name a few.

In all of our growth and development we have never lost sight of our core mission: producing the highest quality breads and babkas we can bake from the best available ingredients.

Lefty’s Bagels

Scott Lefton has a passion for bagels. According to his brother-in-law and business partner, Doug Goldenberg, it borders on obsession.

“He eats, sleeps, and breathes it, if you will,” Doug says.

Why bagels? Because the bread is “beloved” by almost everyone, says Scott, and after observing a shared delight among friends and family for his original recipe, Scott decided to open up his own bagel shop. “Kids, my friends, older generations, republicans, democrats—everyone seemed to be on board,” Scott jokes.

Lefty’s Bagels, owned by Scott and Doug,  have kicked off their business at The Baker’s Hub.  Lefty’s is now open for business, weekends-only, but availability might increase as time goes on. Scott is starting with your typical favorites – plain, poppy seed, sesame, everything, cinnamon-raisin and blueberry – but given that he loves to “tinker,” you might find specials like a salt or pumpernickel bagel. But don’t worry: above all, he likes to keep it classic.

Swirly Girly Bakes

Hi, I’m Shauna Price and I enjoy baking desserts that are pleasing to the eyes and taste buds!  As a child, I remember always being by my mother’s side. If she was sewing, cooking or making cakes, cheesecake and candies I was there to observe.  Now I am all grown up and have developed my own special love of baking and decorating.

The Swirly Girly name was inspired, initially, because every cake that I made was decorated in swirly swirls (rosettes) – that is all that I could do.  What started as a hobby became more serious as I learned and developed baking and decorating skills. Friends, family and friends of friends began requesting that I make their celebration cakes, cupcakes, cookies and even gluten free cakes/cupcakes.  Before I knew it, Swirly Girly became a thing!  Continuing to grow and evolve as a baker, I am excited to expand and serve up delicious VEGAN dessert options. This is my story and my song!

Crushed Sugar

Jennifer Schoenholz always liked baking but really fell in love with it after her son was born.  She loved creating unique cakes for his birthdays.  Soon she was creating amazing and delicious desserts for family and work events.  In 2020 she decided to turn her passion for baking into a business and started Crushed Sugar.  She started baking decorated sugar cookies out of her home but quickly decided she wanted to expand beyond a home-based business.  She teamed up with the Bakers Hub and added pies to her menu.  She is excited to see what the future holds for Crushed Sugar.

The S’more Shack

Hi! I’m Roger Neeb and I started the S’more Shack in the summer of 2020 when I had the thought, why are there no s’more food trucks or vendors? S’mores are loved and adored by so many people, it deserves its place among the other food offerings at festivals, concerts, and markets!  I’m looking forward to working with The Bakers Hub to expand on all things s’mores-related. From gourmet homemade graham crackers to delicious gourmet specialty marshmallows, the possibilities are endless!

The Trolley Track Cookie Co.

While her kids where growing up, long time cook and baker Diane Wood was famous amongst her daughter’s school friends for her chocolate chip cookies. Craggy and asymmetrical, these have never been a contender for most beautiful cookie, but it is exactly their bumpy exterior that makes them so irresistible.

Diane realized that everyone seemed to be gravitating toward the cookies with the most cooling grate imprints on the bottom because they were the ones with the ideal balance of  gooeyness and structure that made them so scrumptious.  Over the years, Diane sought to refine her baking technique to create ample coveted ridges consistently.  Once she had her technique down, she worked to adapt her original chocolate cookie recipe to accommodate a variety of flavor combinations. Ultimately, her cookies were so frequently requested amongst friends and family that Diane began to dream of opening a bakery to share the cookies with people outside of her circle.

In 2012, The Trolley Track Cookie Co. was born. The name of the company is inspired by the track-like ridges on the bottom of the cookies, and it honors the history of the bakery’s hometown, Saint Louis (a city where the streetcar was a primary mode of transportation around the turn of the century, coinciding with the 1904 World’s Fair). Trolley Track was featured in St. Louis magazine and is looking forward to getting rolling!

Delectable Dough Baking Co

The story of Delectable Dough Baking Company began many years ago. I think you could safely say it started from a young girl’s passion, after experiencing her first baking class. That young girl was me. I loved creating new recipes and trying them out on my family and friends. My father encouraged me to recreate my Bobba’s strudel recipe. Bakers of that generation usually didn’t write down their recipes, so it took many hours of experimentation to perfect.  One day, my dad said “Jodie, that’s it! You finally did it.” And so, The Strudel Lady” was born.


The Tipsy Goat

Pastry chefs Emily Lamb and Mallory Newbern met in culinary school in the baking and pastry arts program at Forest Park Community College. After graduation they each acquired jobs in the industry, and discovered the joy of macarons. They had a vision of opening a specialty bakery focusing on handcrafted macarons made from fresh, local, and unique ingredients, and sharing them with their beloved community. After endless conversations, much deliberation, and a lot of wine, they decided to follow their dreams. Now going on two years of business, The Tipsy Goat has been featured in Feast Magazine, St. Louis magazine, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, and has been featured on Show Me St. Louis.

Spoil Me Sweetly

Pastry Chef Abby Benz has been the owner and operator of Spoil Me Sweetly for the past 6 years. Abby is professionally trained in both Pastry and Culinary Arts and has worked full-time at some of St.Louis’ top restaurants including Sugarfire Smokehouse and Jilly’s Cupcake Bar. Throughout the past 6 years, Abby has built Spoil Me Sweetly into a much desired brand for celebration cakes, cupcakes and wedding cakes. With dozens of cakes being produced monthly out of her home, Spoil Me Sweetly soon required a commissary space to house the beautiful cake creations made by Abby and Spoil Me Sweetly. Abby looks forward to expanding her business through her work with The Bakers Hub and becoming a brand name in the homes of St.Louis residents; putting cakes on the table for their most special life celebrations.

Patty’s Cheesecakes

Pat Upchurch has a deep love for baking and cooking & enjoys sharing it with others. She learned to cook from her culinary trained and certified chef Dad. The love and passion started at his side on a small step ladder. With the urging and prompting of love ones, she ventured out to begin a personal chef food business. Several years later she started Patty’s Cheesecakes using her grandmother’s best cheesecake recipe. She is honoring and continuing her grandmother and dad’s legacy. She is making and sharing cheesecake & desserts with you.

Patty’s hand-made products start with high quality ingredients and are made into delectable desserts. Perfect for any occasion – special events, holidays, birthdays, parties, showers, weddings, meetings, or simply as a special ending to a meal. With four categories of flavors: regular, featured, specialty and seasonal; there is a sure favorite flavor for everyone.